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Innovation is Everywhere

Innovation is the source and prime mover of productivity and economic growth.  Innovation introduces new products and services to the market to replace other products and services.  If you are not innovating, you will be replaced by the next better mousetrap, unless you create it yourself, and keep doing so.

Innovation is everywhere; there is no shortage of new ideas, especially in America. The challenge is to create a compelling unique value proposition that continuously adds value to the customer and a business model that brings growing revenues to match.

To make innovation effective, useful, and valuable to society, a solid business must be built to deliver the product.  A great innovation without business structure and process to deliver it to the world is basically unusable, and adds little or no value to anyone. Many innovators of great products fail to deliver the value they know their product could have because they do not know how to run a functional business and do not have the ability or skills to build a team to develop one.

The Purpose

The purpose of Rising Industries is to transform small businesses with great products into great businesses by providing inspired and experienced management, marketing, and administrative expertise.

The Mission

The near range mission of Rising Industries is to acquire a company we have already targeted and have some control in, and develop it to its potential in the global market.

The long range mission of Rising Industries is to use the platform developed with the first acquisition for future value acquisitions and expansion.


Rising Industries will grow vertically and horizontally. Vertical growth will come from beginning with small scalable platform companies with a global market. Horizontal growth will come from developing new acquisitions.

Criteria for Ideal Target Acquisitions

            • Be scalable to a national or global market 
            • Be required by regulations or contract specifications
            • Easily induce subscription or repeat customers
            • Structural demand as opposed to consumer demand
            • Be recession resistant
            • Involve technology valuable to the environment in the long term

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