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Current Status

Current Status and Opportunity

Rising Industries is currently targeting a small mom and pop fabrication business to acquire that manufactures niche industrial materials handling equipment that solves a persistent problem within several large vertical markets.  It is also a distributor of the material commodity to those same markets that the equipment handles. The company was formed in 2005 and gained rapid success. It was on a steep growth trajectory when the recession seriously affected the market.

The company is primed for acquisition primarily through the efforts of our COO who has been the General Manager of the company since late 2009.  He moved the company through the recession, developed strategic partnerships in new verticals, cleaned up customer contracts to make them more profitable, and in general has improved the brand recognition of the company.  The company surpassed $1M in revenues for 2014 and now has a steeper growth trajectory than it had in earlier years.

However, long term growth is a challenge under current ownership.  The current owners are ready to negotiate a sale because they recognize that their interests are better served if the company is under the control of Rising Industries. Our goal will be to double revenues each year as we expand our reach globally into a variety of new vertical markets. 

Rising Industries is seeking to add a capital partner(s) to its team  to complete this acquisition and establish a platform for the future.   

For more and specific information, please contact us.  

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