Rising Industries LLC
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Kenneth A. DeVeau, CEO

Kenneth A. DeVeau, Founder and CEO
Kenneth DeVeau is the visionary leader of a talented management team, and will maintain a high altitude view on operations, oversee the home office operations, and promote an environment for success for the subsidiary companies, and develop the growth of the enterprise domestically and globally.  

He has 24 years of experience managing multiple disparate functional departments as the Business Manager of the post-secondary Sarasota County Technical Institute. His mission there was to promulgate operational change and improvement in the necessarily non-traditional school which was part of a large, heavily bureaucratic and process scripted public system that typically resisted change originating outside the central office.  He designed and implemented process work flow changes, facility renovations, and was the go-to person for the staff and administration to “make things happen”. He evolved into the unusual role of promoter of the cultural soul of the school, and wrote and performed commemorative songs for staff at their retirement events.  His final project was the multi-year transformation of the operating culture of the school from a disjointed paper based system to a fully integrated central data base system.  He caused it to happen with the decision to do it during a period of political turmoil and leadership void and in the absence of central technical support or direction. Without an IT department, he designed the specifications within the context of a large school system and its data collection system and reporting requirements and maneuvered through the procurement process. He worked with the vendor to modify the selected system to specification, hired staff with the eye towards future roles developing a talented and focused implementation team, redesigned work flow and job descriptions, created new departments and processes, trained staff, implemented the various components in phases, improved and maintained the databases all while performing the normal functions of Business Manager.

Prior to founding Rising Industries, investing personal retirement funds, he started (and still operates) Format Cash Flow, (formatcashflow.com) a micro-financing company targeting very small businesses. As a business development consultant as well as financier, he helps his clients improve their business processes and activity focus to improve the quality of their service, cash flow management, and profitability.  His financial solutions and operational support have been crucial to his clients surviving the recession and their transformation from imminent catastrophe to stability and growth. He facilitated and financed the transfer of ownership of a business and continues help the acquisition to grow. This experience has provided insight into the challenges of very small companies as well as the understanding of the potential return on investment that originates at this level, as well as the social benefit of growing a very small business into a larger company.  Working with such companies is part of the due diligence process for potential Rising Industries acquisitions. 

Ken lived overseas for 11 years; one year in Iceland, and for a combined ten years with his wife in Colombia, Guatemala, and Chile, where he was a math teacher in international high schools, as well as Sales Manager for Decapack, an international household goods moving company. These experiences honed his adaptability to different environments and situations, and provided a perspective of possibilities when he designed the long range vision for Rising Industries’ expansion and growth.

He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, and holds a MS in Mathematics from Ohio University and a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from the University of South Florida. All three of his children have at least one Masters Degree and are working in field.  He is a long time member of his church board, an 11 year youth soccer coach and youth theater director, and member of the International Factoring Association. 
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